We recommend SendStation.
Feb 6th, 2010 by David

We use the SendStation PocketDock to create recordings of our scribblings and we highly recommend it. They even ship it in eco-friendly packaging!

Check it out!

mScribble 1.6 is on the App Store.
Jan 8th, 2010 by David

Today, mScribble 1.6 appeared on the App Store.

Panpipes Ho! is going to MacWorld!
Jan 6th, 2010 by David

Panpipes Ho! has just made reservations to go to San Francisco for MacWorld and the 2009 Best App Ever Awards party. See you there!

Jan 2nd, 2010 by David

Today the finalists for 2009 Best App Ever were announced.  mScribble made the cut!

Vote for
Best Musical Synthesizer App
News from R&D
Dec 24th, 2009 by David

Here at Panpipes Ho! LLC R&D, we are hard at work preparing mScribble 2.0 for release.  Release 2.0 will have new Music Styles for your scribbling pleasure.  Here’s an example called “Big Feet” — apologies to Mr. Coltrane!

Please support mScribble’s bid to win 2009 Best App Ever Award, Best Musical Synthesizer App.   mScribble says, “Do it for the children!”  (Kids love mScribble.)  Just click on the “Nominate” button below to go to the website.

Best Musical Synthesizer App
mScribble is a top 5 nominee!
mScribble is a top 5 nominee for 2009 Best App Ever Award
Dec 23rd, 2009 by David

mScribble is a top 5 nominee for 2009 Best App Ever Award in the Best Musical Synthesizer App category.

Check it out!

mScribble reviewed on appshouter.com!
Dec 11th, 2009 by David

mScribble has received two nice reviews on the appshouter website.

Check it out!

Five Star Rating!
Dec 2nd, 2009 by David

mScribble has a five star rating in the iTunes App Store!

mScribble “Ready for sale”
Nov 19th, 2009 by David

Yesterday, mScribble appeared in the app store.

mScribble submitted.
Nov 10th, 2009 by David

We submitted our first app today for approval.


With mScribble™ (the Melody Scribbler), you can improvise beautiful melodies over a bass line by scribbling on the screen.  You’ll never need to know a thing about scales or chords, just express your music with the tip of your finger.

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